Hi there, thanks for checking out what we do! We're Tayla and Will, and we created Plus One Studio because we just love creating clean, simple but beautiful content. Photography and videography is our bread and butter. We live and breathe branding content and love working with people to tell their stories in a way that reflects your brand's authenticity to people online.

Whether it’s giving a voice to business owners looking to reach out to their following through social media, breathing life into a product for a brand, or capturing the important connections at a launch event, we created Plus One to literally be your business 'plus ones', an addition to what you already do best.

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We specialise in capturing candid and authentic content that looks effortless, clean, and modern. Our photography and videography style is perfect for contemporary brands and businesses who want to communicate exactly who they are to real people behind the screen.




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Tayla Lokman

Photographer / Videographer

Hey there! My name is Tayla and I created Plus One Studio with the smiley bloke below, Will. I'm a huge people person (big extrovert at heart) and foodie, I love spending my trying the newest local eatery (or attempting to re-create dishes at home), browsing through farmers markets, painting, travelling and editing weekend snaps over an iced almond latte.

I have always loved learning about the world of social media, and it was only after graduating from a Bachelor of Film and Television and working in corporate marketing in Melbourne that I discovered I could merge a love of creating videos with helping brands wanting to show up online. I made a move to QLD and leapt full time into photography and videography and grew Plus One Studio to what it is today!

I now specialise in creating online content for brands and businesses looking to level up online and share their stories. There's nothing I love more than seeing other people pursue their projects. I think that's why I'm drawn to brand photography and videography, because I get to work with a variety of people going after the things they love. I’m excited to connect with people like you and hear about the things that you're passionate about.

bachelor of film + television

William Dabinet

Photographer / Videographer

Hey! I'm Will, and I co-created Plus One Studio with Tayla. I'm a lover of all things sport and getting outdoors. When I’m not at the beach enjoying the sun, you'll find me working on a project around the house (landscaping is my current one).

Like Tayla, I have a Bachelor in Film and Television (that’s how we met), but also a Masters in Commerce and a Certificate in Digital Marketing. I’m passionate about understanding how businesses work and getting inside the business owner mindset to really understand what makes them tick.

Working as a videographer and editor at Plus One Studio, I love meeting new people and about the things they're passionate about. Whether I’m in the editing room cutting Insta reels, or chatting with a business owner about how video is going to align with their existing strategy, being able to get in amongst the action is one of the best parts of the job.

Bachelor of film + television

masters of commerce

certificate in digital marketing

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