Coached by Emily

We recently shot a series of brand videos for Coached by Emily to use across Instagram, Facebook as paid advertisements, as well as a stock video library for Emily to use across all platforms.

When Emily from Coached by Emily came to us looking to connect her fitness and health coaching services with new audiences through Facebook and Instagram video marketing, we we’re super excited to get started on the project right away.

Emily wanted to communicate her authentic self to her audience, and make sure that people could see that her online coaching services were so much more than just being a health coach. Emily asked us about ways we could capture her authentic self, so when it came to shoot day we let the cameras roll and captured everything. It was really important for Emily that the shoot felt natural, so we loved the b-roll that we captured of those in between moments that showed her laughing, dancing, having fun and loving what she does. It was this footage that was what we were drawn to the most when editing.

We delivered Emily 12 short, fast paced videos , formatted for various platforms such as Reels, Facebook ads and Youtube so she has lots of variety in the way she repurposed her content. We loved capturing the fun and freshness that Em brings to the health and fitness space, and are so excited to share what we captured!